"... In the 80's, when he already mastered various engraving techniques, Marcus Andre spent a number of years in New York City. Both to support himself and to learn more, he worked for some time as an assistant to DeLamonica and shortly afterwards at one of the largest printing studios in the USA, which atrracted many Pop Art luminaries and contemporary artists...

...there are always two landscapes in the paintings of Marcus Andre: one perceptible in the shapes of his canvases and in his taste for accumulating horizontal areas, and the other in the historical and theoretical horizon. There is also a precise scale adjustment, as if each painting were a new orchestra instrument inventing a new timbre to be performed within a very narrow scale, dictated by its self-imposed chromatic limits. Such adjstments impart the sensation of a window opening up not to the external world but, as Eduardo Sued would say, to a listening of color. ..."

Paulo Sergio Duarte